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Browse our units below! Cabinetry is at the core of the work we do. We want to take spaces that flat-pack furniture could never dream of filling efficiently and create something beautiful and practical for your home. Maybe you’ve looked at the space around you fireplace as empty unusable space for while but arent quite sure what we could help you do with it? Well heres an article from “HomeBuilding” to help get those creative juices flowing!

Living Room Media Unit

A Living Room Media Unit complete with abundant storage and display space acts as a perfect joining of practicality and aesthetic for any living room. The curved doors add a unique twist to the tall unit helping it not to encroach into the space of the room too much.

Solid Wood Porch Unit

This Soild Wood Porch Unit was made for a family of four in Caterham Valley. The grain popping through the hunter green paint paired with the gold hardware creates a bold and regal environement upon entering the home.

Fireplace Alcove Units

A pair of traditional alcove units made for a home in Caterham. The chunky shelves and handle design add a modern style to the home and the cabinets tie-in with the sofas to act as side tables.

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Master Bedroom Desk and Wardrobe Unit

Creating this pair of units to pair seemlessly around the border of the room with floor to ceiling wardrobe storgae was an amazing project. The veneered board kept the cost down but retained the wood grain visual fitting of a home with the theme of nature running through from top to bottom.

Spare Room L-Desk and Bookcase Units

This L-shaped desk with a special printer storage was designed to optimise the size of the room and create a seamless environemtn for the clients tech to slot into. The bookcase is grand and straightforward, secured firmly to the wall and offers enough storagee for any avid reader

Fireplace Alcove Unit

A pair of traditional alcove units made for a beautiful house in Whyteleafe. Shaker style doors and subtle but ornate mouldings above the book shelves give these units a classy feel without imposing on the room.

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Wardrobe Doors

A total of 8 doors fitted over an exisiting wardrobe in Oxted. Our spray painting ensures a clean and smooth finish and the simple shaker style keeps a simple yet elegant style to fit the rest of this flat.

Bedroom Alcove

Matching doors made and installed over these small alcoves give the bedroom a cleaner and fresher feel. Whilst giving the owners more storage for shoes and clothes.

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