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Wall Panelling

Wall panelling refers to the installation of wood or other materials on the walls of a home to create a decorative and functional surface. It involves covering the lower portion of walls with panels, often reaching waist or ceiling height.

One of the main advantages of wall panelling is its aesthetic appeal. It enhances the visual appeal of a room, adding warmth and texture. Additionally, it serves as a protective layer for walls, preventing damage and wear over time. Panelling is also versatile and can be customized to match various design preferences, making it suitable for different rooms in a home.

Moreover, it can provides insulation, helping to regulate temperature and sound within a room. It can also contribute to a more comfortable living environment by reducing noise and maintaining a consistent temperature.

Where We Come In

Here at Matthew Hill Furniture we can bring your panelling vision to life with whatever pattern and colour takes your fancy. Also the advantage of a spray booth means we can ensure a much higher quality finish comapred to a DIY job.

Have a look at this article from Ideal Home for some ideas and then contact us here to chat through them! We look forward to hearing from you!

Green Bedroom Panelling

  • green wall panelling
  • green wall panelling

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