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Meet The Team

Meet The Team

Family Business

As you “meet” our team the keen eyed among you will notice the pattern of surnames, and yes we are three brothers. As brothers we have worked together our whole lives, we know our strengths and weaknesses and have full trust in one another. Whilst this also comes with challenges, as anyone would expect, we believe this is a huge strength of our business.

We have a team with a range of skills from various backgrounds including experience in joinery, furniture restoration, contruction, mechanics and design. Lots of the work we do begins with detailed design and constructability analysis through combining our backgrounds to ensure the success of a project.

Whilst its clear to see we are unable to put such phrases like “20 years” industry experience on our website, (although I would like to think the wooden cars and boats we made in our childhood should count for something), we believe our variety and quality of education and experience keeps us more than competitive in this industry.

You can read more about our team, business and our other family furniture businesses before us here.

Team Matthew Hill

Matthew Hill

Team Jonathan Hill

Jonathan Hill
Logistics Manager
Mechanical Engineering Degree from Southampton University

Team Daniel Hill

Daniel Hill
Design Manager
Masters in Civil Engineering from the University of Bath

Team Hector Hunter

Hector Hunter
General Assistant
Product Design Student at Manchester Metropolitan University